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Exclusive offer! Only studio in NZ offering Gentle Somatic Yoga®

These sessions are the fastest way to start restoring your muscle function, improve your ease of movement, and eliminate your pattern of habituated muscular pain by retraining the nervous system to move and sense the body more effectively. Move smarter not harder!

Action has no intelligence without reflection. Instead of learning movements, we use movements in these 1 to 1 sessions to help you notice how you make connections in your body - where is there effort? What could you do less of and still do this movement?

What muscles contract in this movement? Could you release these muscles slowly and consciously?

Clinical Somatics is neuromuscular education that uses the groundbreaking technique of pandiculation to retrain muscle memory and relieve pain.

You will get the most out of Somatic practices by attending at least 3-6 sessions to start to notice more about how your unique movement patterns are contributing to muscle tensions.  Once you've learnt the concepts of Somatics you can  maintain your new found freedom of movement by beginning a home practice or by joining a Somatic Yoga Blend class for further inspiration.

Improvements will start to happen when you take the time to slow down and notice how you do what you do.

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Somatic Yoga Blend 


Gentle Somatic Yoga®

Be amongst the first in NZ to experience this cutting-edge science based gentle yet profound practice.

These Somatics based classes  are a combination of Gentle Somatic Yoga®, Clinical Somatic enquiries in the style of Thomas Hanna and meditation. 

Learn to retrain your nervous system to release involuntary muscle tension and relieve pain by retraining damaging posture and movement patterns without stretching.

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is an Art-of-movement practice that incorporates therapeutic yoga & somatic movements that are slow, mindful and help amplify bodily awareness so it can self-heal. This allows the practitioner to self-correct and permanently release persistent stress-based patterns from within their body (Soma).

Instead of focusing on stretching muscles, GSY utilizes the technique of pandiculation to reprogram muscles to their most optimal length in a resting position. The restorative sequences, called Somatic Movement Flows®, are ideal for unwinding stiffness, pain and postural imbalances, and will significantly increase flexibility through brain-to-muscle re-education. 

From this place of new-found freedom, we naturally return to our generative state of peace and well-being.

Book a private class today - have a postural assessment, learn the basic techniques and have a tailor-made practice designed to suit your unique tension patterns, or join one of our established classes.

YouTube Channel

You can check out some free examples of Gentle Somatic Yoga® online! Youtube videos with James Knight founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga®.

Classes are grounded in a traditional yoga lineage but enhanced with somatic enquiry (Clinical Somatics in the style of Thomas Hanna) to create a mindful practice with emphasis on interoception. 

Each class has a mixture of pranayama (breath awareness), somatic enquiry, asana (movement/poses), and meditation.

Students are encouraged​ to develop and use their sense of "feeling from the inside-out" in a way that expresses their asanas while still being safe in their practice - suggestions may be offered as enquiry. Students are encouraged to be curious about their responses and senses.

Private classes are be available on request.

The nervous system is in charge, but we can learn how to subtly influence it

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